Controls Engineer

Company Name:
Contract Professionals
Controls Engineer
Essential Job Functions:
o Provide daily support to plant operations supporting Plant and Corporate goals.
o Support the purchasing, implementation and installation of new and rebuilt equipment through participation in
Project Launch Teams (PLT's).
o Strive for continuous improvement of equipment and processes.
o Be able to make sound decisions based on research, investigation, and input from others.
o Maintain close communication with skilled trade's workgroup to assure precision implementation of projects.
o Provide technical expertise to other Controls Engineers and Skilled Trades.
o Maintenance of Controls Systems Architecture.
o Backup and archive software applications and programs for an assigned area. This includes robots, cnc's, cameras, plc's, and all other devices with software or programmable settings.
o Maintain Autocad drawings both electronically and in panels as changes occur.
o Verify essential spare parts are stocked.
o Create documents for non-standard procedures.
o Maintain Floor Support PC's. Perform backups on a regular basis to verify application and cable are working.
o OEE and PIP Projects, work with other departments to improve cycle time, quality, or overall equipment effectiveness.
o Design Controls Systems.
o Communicate to the Controls Engineering department daily on activities. Changes and items for follow up should be clearly documented and knowledge transferred.
o Regular contact with others outside of the workgroup.
Marginal Job Functions:
o Perform other duties as assigned.
o Manage continuous improvement and other projects as required.
o Be willing to adapt to change
o Work any shift and cover weekends as required.
o Must be willing to be on call.
Tools Required:
o Personal computer used frequently (MS Office/RSLogix500/RSLogix5000/Panelview and Drive Software of various brands/Barcode and Camera Software of various brands/etc...)
o Telephone/Pager/Cell Phone/Radio used frequently
Work Hours:
Monday through Friday Start: 6:00 am End: 3:00 pm
Lunch: Unpaid - 30 minutes
Overtime: As required depending on plant needs
Some required, usually for equipment review and meeting with vendors.

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